What should I bring with me to the Emergency Department?


  • Letter from your GP if you have attended them
  • List of current medications
  • Information about any previous medical conditions or your medical history
  • A list of allergies you have to any medications
  • CDs / Reports of any scans relevant to your current problem


What are your opening hours?

The Emergency Department in St. Vincent’s University Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I’m looking for information on relative/friend/neighbour who is a patient, who can I call?

Phoning to get information about a patient can distract nurses and doctors from providing care to the patients.  We encourage patients to stay in touch with relatives themselves to keep them updated.

If this is not possible we would ask that you nominate one member of the family to act as a liaison with the Emergency Department.

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate we need to respect patient confidentiality and are only able to give very limited information over the telephone.

Do you treat children?

The Emergency Department at St Vincent's University Hospital caters for patients aged 14 years and older.

How much does it cost to attend the ED?

Patient Charges in the Emergency Department

Health Act Charge: A Health Act Charge of €100 is payable at time of registration for all patients attending the Emergency Department, with some exemptions (see below).

A Health Act Charge of €300 applies to Non-EU residents attending the Emergency Department.

Primary exemptions of HAC: If the patient has been referred by their GP that day (GP letter must be presented on arrival to ED). If the patient is a Medical Card Holder (valid medical card must be presented on arrival to ED). Temporary EU tourists who present a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on arrival.

In some other circumstances there may be further exemptions to the Health Act Charge. If you fall under one of these categories you will be informed at time of registration. For more information regarding exemptions please see the HSE website www.HSE.ie



How long will I be waiting?

We endeavour to see patients as soon as we can. Some patients with a less serious problem may have to wait a little longer.

We have a dedicated Fast Track area for patients with less serious injuries where our standard is to get patients seen and discharged within 2hrs of arrival.

The length of time you will be waiting will depend on your complaint and how sick you are. It is not possible for us to give a precise time, but a member of the nursing staff will make an assessment on arrival and allocate an appropriate professional who will see you at the earliest possible opportunity.

When is the Emergency Department busiest?

The busiest hour for people attending the ED is between 11am-12noon. However, as many of these patients require tests and treatment, the department gets busier as the afternoon progresses.

We do however have more doctors working during these peak times and we also have a our dedicated Fast Track area open during the day. (Full details here).

Can I be fast-tracked?

If you have a minor injury, you may be suitable to be seen in our Fast Track area. (Full details here)

I have a letter from my GP will I be seen quicker?

Having a letter from your GP will certainly assist us in providing the appropriate care to you.

You will still be seen by a Triage nurse, who will assign a triage category. This clinical assessment at triage determines the order in which patients are seen.

If I phone, can you tell me if I need to attend the Emergency Department?

Unfortunately we are not able to give medical advice over the phone. We encourage patients to contact their GPs in the first instance.

Do patients who arrive by Ambulance get seen quicker?

No. All patients will be seen by the Triage nurse, who will assign a triage category. This Clinical assessment determines the order in which patient's are seen.

Can you send me an ambulance?

Our staff unfortunately can’t organise an ambulance to bring you to the Emergency Department.

Please have a look at our Transport Information Page for detailed information on the different transport options to get you to the Emergency Department.

Can I get a copy of my notes? Can you tell me my blood results?

If you are discharged by the Emergency Department staff, a detailed letter summarising the findings of any tests performed will be posted to your GP.

How do I leave feedback about my visit to the Emergency Department?

All feedback should be directed to the Corporate Affairs Department.

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