Clinical Decision Unit (CDU)

The purpose of the CDU is to make safe and timely clinical decisions on patients who present to the emergency department with specific emergency conditions whose length of stay is likely to be between 6 and 24 hours in duration.

A CDU patient will typically fall into one of the following 3 categories requiring either:

  • A period of observation.
  • An investigation, the results of which, determines whether the patient is likely to be discharged.
  • A short course of therapy to treat defined conditions following which it is anticipated the patient can be discharged safely.


Chest Pain Evaluation Unit (CPEU)

The CPEU is a 24-hour ward adjacent to the emergency department in which we care for patients attending with chest pain who require ongoing investigation and treatment. Patients are cared for by the emergency department consultant and the team in CDU as well as our experienced cardiology advanced nurse practitioner with direct access to the cardiology team on call.